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Rules for Noble Claims

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Rules for Noble Claims Empty Rules for Noble Claims

Post by KazanaAoi Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:33 am

This is subject to change


Please only make claims when you're within one, or two coins of having your nobleman.

You have 7 days from the time of posting to begin nobling, when you begin, post in the same topic that you claimed

When you post a claim, please mail all players within say..2-3 clicks of an arrow on the map saying to halt any attacks they may (or may not) have going there, if they cant stop it, make sure to wait until the attack hits to start/finish nobling.

If you dont mind, when you successfully noble a village, put a new post in the same topic saying something like "Successful Noble" so i can delete it, and keep the noble claim section clean Smile

Also, Please make sure you get the coordinates right Very Happy

(1)(Day 1)I claim this village (123|321)
(2)(Day 1 shortly after posting) Hey, are you farming the village (123|321)? if you are, could you please stop? Thanks, later.
(3)(Day 4) Im starting noble now
(4)(Day 19) Successful Noble! Very Happy

as you can see, as long as you begin noble, you can take a significant amount of time, please dont go claiming things that are 17 days 14 hours and 36 minutes away from you, just because you can. thank you all for listening to my ranting Smile

If any one has suggestions beyond this, feel free to post here, and we'll see if it can be reasonably worked in (for instance..maybe a 24 hour movement limit unless you have a noble train?)


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Rules for Noble Claims Empty Re: Rules for Noble Claims

Post by kaliathma Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:54 pm

Yes you Must claim when you start
nobling AND mail to all "close" tribe members. If it's don't enought
and when you noble you see a farm attack comming on you, then get off
all your troops of the village ! No one will suffer losts. Don't defend
against a tribe member (or ally) farm attack !

If you don't respect that rules and the attacker suffer losts (and the
attack have been sent before the noble!), then the defender will have
to send back all the ressources that the attacker lost !

Take care of your K brother and K will take care of you.

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